64-bitness is a problem with the iPhone SDK

According to the iPhone SDK ReadMe, the beta version of the SDK isn’t exactly ready to go on 64-bit systems. Given that I’m using a 64-bit system this may explain Error 34 and some of the other strangeness I encountered.

I’m also running into walls left, right, and centre in my plan to get GCC running on the iPod Touch. I had also forgotten about Perl‘s perverse configuration process, which doesn’t lend itself easily to cross-compiling.

At this point I think I’m going to punt on building Perl for the iPod until the official SDK is released and I can get on the developer program. The fact that this will almost certainly take several months (until Apple is ready to accept non-Americans) is annoying to me, but there’s naught that can be done about it — I simply don’t have the knowledge to port GCC to the iPod, and that seems to be the most sane way to get these things going.


One response to “64-bitness is a problem with the iPhone SDK

  1. digitalgenius

    well i aint using 64-bit system and i still get the error code 34.

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