strndup on arm-apple-darwin

I’m trying to build bison for arm-apple-darwin and I’m running into a bit of trouble that looks like it originates in autoconf and/or friends. As configure runs, it checks for strndup to be declared and for it to be usable, and it claims it’s not declared but it is usable. The build fails with an unresolved symbol _strndup. The even odder part is that there is an implementation of strndup in the lib library, and it seems to get linked into libbison.a, but nm shows the symbol as being unresolved. This is probably due to some preprocessor magic going on in the implementation file.

Is there anyone out there who knows a bit about autoconf or how bison (or similar projects) fit together who can give me some clue as to what’s going on? I’m a total autotools newbie.

I’ll see what other deps I can pull together in the meantime.


2 responses to “strndup on arm-apple-darwin

  1. Did you ever solve this?

  2. Nope — I didn’t persist in development efforts for the iPod/iPhone. Perhaps if someone ports Linux to it… 😉

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