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Moving the blog back home

This is the last blog entry here on WordPress. The archives have been moved back to my main site and my new blog entries will be moving there, too.

I’m going to leave a copy of the archives here because they’re well-indexed by search engines, but if you want to keep up on the latest, go here.


Blogs written by programs suck

Blogs written by programs suck. I’ve had a (relative) flood of incoming links from “blogs” that are nothing more than bottom-feeders wrapping excerpts from my blog with a machine-generated sentence or two around them. One was even a nonsensical machine-generated article (probably with a Markov chain, but with a lower-quality corpus of text than I’m used to seeing). They didn’t even choose any interesting entries to quote from (not that there are many of those here, anyway).

Maybe I’m just grumpy, but I’m thinking that FOAF needs an evil twin, maybe called DIAF, which would allow one to express their contempt for such a scheme.

Archives moved

The blog archives from my main site have been moved here, and this is the new home of the blog. Update your bookmarks!

Positive thought and creativity in a few minutes a day

In the past week I have been more regular with my blogging than I have been in years. There is a method to my madness, and it is probably familiar to some people. My goal is a blog entry per day.

It doesn’t have to be long, or even terribly interesting. It is just a time each day to write about something positive, or at least look for a solution to something negative. It’s a daily stretch of my creative muscles. They may not be too strong, but they’re mine. It’s a chance for me to write about something that’s important to me.

I won’t write about everything that’s important to me, though. If you want stories about my adorable kittycat Fluffy, why Nine Inch Nails is the best band ever, or long screeds on internal turmoil and angst during lunch with Aunt Betty, you’re looking for LiveJournal, not here. Not to mention that stuff all fails the importance-to-me test.

No drama here. Just some writing, perhaps a few laughs, and maybe a little learning.