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WebGUI looks interesting

On a whim I decided to have a peek about for a content management system that suits my needs. After a little poking about Freshmeat I came across WebGUI, which looks pretty interesting.

A couple of the obvious features I like are that it’s written in Perl and has a good security policy. Of course, TWiki is written in Perl and has a security alerts page, so that doesn’t guarantee much. WebGUI is shipped ready-to-go in binary form, and is ostensibly pre-configured, which I figure should save me from making too many foolish mistakes. Time will tell.

I’m going to give it a go on my main site soon. Photos don’t put themselves on-line!


Possible explanation for Error 34

It occurred to me as I was reading through some iPhone/iPod Touch SDK information today that the whole SDK is geared towards iPhone OS 2.0 — Error 34 may be the Organizer’s way of complaining that the device isn’t running the expected OS.

If this is true, it’s something of a kick in the teeth. I’m sure I’m not the only person who was expecting to be given an SDK that was immediately usable on my device. I trust that a lot of experimentation by a lot of people will turn up some goodies, but for now I’m guessing that I’ll have to wait to use the official SDK. There is the off chance that code that doesn’t touch the UI or specific features of the device will still work — perhaps well enough to port Perl or similar. I’ll be experimenting with that this weekend.

2GB of iPhone/iPod Touch SDK goodness

I managed to download the iPhone/iPod Touch SDK before the big rush, it seems. It’s en route between my workstation and my Macbook as I write. It’s a little over 2GB, so that process is taking some time over the wireless network.

I also scrubbed my iPod Touch, effectively de-jailbreaking it, now that I can install applications on it through the SDK. I would imagine most people aren’t going to go through the hassle of jailbreaking their iPods (though it’s pretty much mandatory for iPhones in Canada) and most of what I will do will target iPods simply because I don’t have an iPhone to play with.

I’ll post more as I find it out, but my first goal is to build Perl 5.10 for the iPod.

CPANPLUS is a treat

Since Perl 5.10 was released I’ve quite enjoyed the new CPAN experience through the cpan shell tool. I was enjoying it so much that I actually thought it was CPANPLUS. It wasn’t until I re-reread perl5100delta that I figured out it wasn’t.

I decided to do a new Perl 5.10 installation and take it from that point to my normal set of modules with CPANPLUS (conveniently packaged as the cpanp command). So far I’m completely won over. There are a couple of things to watch out for if you’re used to the usual CPAN shell:

  • only the first letter of the command is checked, so if you try to “upgrade” you’ll wind up uninstalling
  • upgrading happens using good old “install”, instead
  • search results are numbered and you can operate on search results by the numbers (“i 4” and so on)
  • you can look at READMEs and so on without installing the package (yay!)
  • as you might expect, it’s a dream to use with a local CPAN mirror

What do Moose and Pigeon have in common?

Stevan Little recently dropped by my blog to comment on a couple of past entries. In addition to being a nice thing to do, it also brought a project I was working on back to mind. Though I’ve got some big plans for when the iPhone/iPod Touch SDK is released, there is still one project (code-named Pigeon) that I think Moose is a really good fit for.

Stevan pointed out that I hadn’t made any attempt to get help from the community before giving up on Moose. If you read yesterday’s post, you may not be terribly surprised. The point is a good one, though, and one I’m taking to heart.

I’ll point to Pigeon source drops when there’s something to drop.

Tags in SQLite

After some thought on what I’ll want to do with tags it seems to make sense to put them in a SQLite database. It means trading off writing some Perl for some SQL, but it will make certain things a bit easier.

I was considering having a strictly-static site, but it makes sense to have some CGI there for full text and tag searches. It’s a little more useful and a little less 1996.

chromatic on Perl 6 evangelism

chromatic seems to be feeling similarly to how I described yesterday with regards to the balance between language advocacy and actually getting something done. His latest blog entry asks people to remind him not to argue, but to tell him to write code instead.

It’s nice to see that I’m not the only person to get to feeling that way. I often wonder where the real committers get the time and energy to do the work that they do and to deal with the people who seem to enjoytrying to waste their time.