Error 34 — first frustration

So I got the iPhone/iPod Touch SDK downloaded and installed. Getting a sample app to run in the iPhone emulator is easy enough, but I can’t get it to run on my iPod Touch. There are two things I see getting in my way.

The first is that when I try to add an application to the iPod in the Organizer I get a message to the effect of “your mobile device has encountered an error” and the dialog specifies error code 34. I have no idea what this means yet, but I have a sinking feeling that it will only work with an iPhone, and not an iPod.

The second is that when I try to build the project for Aspen (as opposed to Aspen simulator) I get an error at the last minute about not having a code signing key. This I somewhat expected, but I also thought I should at least be able to put applications on my own device without having one. Typically, Apple is only allowing Americans to have code signing keys at this point, though they say that other countries’ developers will be included “in coming months”.

I’m feeling somewhat foolish for un-jailbreaking my iPod at this point. My only comfort at this point is that I’m not the only person struggling with it.

Update: The likely reason for this error is that the SDK builds code for OS 2.0.

Update: This seems even more likely, since programs built with the Apple SDK give bus errors when run on a device.

Update: If you want to get started building code that runs on a real device instead of the Aspen simulator, build a toolchain that will do the trick.


6 responses to “Error 34 — first frustration

  1. I’ve got an iPhone that has never been jailbroken. I’m getting the same error, so it’s not just because you have an iPod Touch.

  2. Thank you for the information! Hopefully we’ll start to see some work-arounds/fixes for this and the other issues.

  3. same problem here.

  4. Same problem here, what’s funny is on the example videos the guy is using iPhone firmware 1.1.2. Seems like Apple is nothing but disappointment now that they are back in the spotlight.

  5. iPhone Developer Program

    The iPhone Developer Programs are designed to support your development and distribution needs, including:

    Development tools and resources
    Testing your code on iPhone
    Technical Support
    Distribution via the App Store
    Standard Program – $99 USD

    The above information might help explain why it isn’t working. You need to sign up for the 99$ thing before you can use your application on your iPhone.

  6. @dextpert: I live in Canada, so I’m not able to sign up for the iPhone Developer Program just yet — it’s strictly USA-only, with “more countries added in coming months” or something like that. It doesn’t exactly sound positive.

    I’m pretty sure the demo the Apple guy was giving was on their version of the SDK, not the released one, unfortunately. I think a lot of us were expecting more than a beta release.

    Oh well — I’m going to look at building the unofficial toolchain, and failing that, I’ll put together a bare-bones cross-compiler for the platform and put together a basic toolchain of my own. Once I get some success I’ll post about it.

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