CPANPLUS is a treat

Since Perl 5.10 was released I’ve quite enjoyed the new CPAN experience through the cpan shell tool. I was enjoying it so much that I actually thought it was CPANPLUS. It wasn’t until I re-reread perl5100delta that I figured out it wasn’t.

I decided to do a new Perl 5.10 installation and take it from that point to my normal set of modules with CPANPLUS (conveniently packaged as the cpanp command). So far I’m completely won over. There are a couple of things to watch out for if you’re used to the usual CPAN shell:

  • only the first letter of the command is checked, so if you try to “upgrade” you’ll wind up uninstalling
  • upgrading happens using good old “install”, instead
  • search results are numbered and you can operate on search results by the numbers (“i 4” and so on)
  • you can look at READMEs and so on without installing the package (yay!)
  • as you might expect, it’s a dream to use with a local CPAN mirror

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