I’m reading Geekonomics: The Real Cost of Insecure Software by David Rice. It’s a great read, and not just one for technical people — David has a real gift for explaining things well enough that just about anyone can get a grip on what he’s trying to say. I certainly don’t agree with all of his assertions in this book and I find his use of statistics misleading at times, but so far he has made sure to back things up with a thorough treatment of the subject and a good deal of transparency in his goals.

On page 225 I notice that he mentions:

A glidescope beam provides vertical guidance that directs the aircraft to follow the typical 3-degree decent path to the runway for a smooth, “glide-in” landing.

While three degrees may be a pretty decent path, I’m pretty sure he meant to be talking about a descent path in the sentence above. This echoes something I pointed out to Lorenzo last night — you can usually count on a spell-checker to tell you if you’ve spelled a word correctly, but you can’t count on it to tell you whether you’ve used the right word.

I wonder who David would deem responsible for the error above?


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