A new old bag

My Lowepro CompuTrekker Plus AW seems to be giving up the ghost early. Most of the time I hook it over one shoulder and the most-used shoulder strap is starting to separate from the rest of the bag. I’m going to see if I can get it repaired under warranty.

In the meantime I’m using my Crumpler Dreadful Embarrassment, a notebook bag, with a makeshift bucket liner (consisting of a Crumpler Three-Million Dollar Home with its strap tucked into its front pouch). It’s not too friendly towards the battery grip on my camera so I’ve got it off now, for the first time ever.

The backpack is fantastic for travel, but I think I will be looking for an over-the-shoulder style bag for local use. I may just get a Five or Six-Million Dollar Home and keep using the Dreadful Embarrassment if that works well enough. I Know that Lowepro has some shoulder bags with the AW rain slick, which is a pretty big deal for me. I don’t use the rain slick often, but I’m sure thankful I have it when I need it. I may also look at getting an attachable rain slick for the Embarrassment if I can find something that will work.

I somewhat like the bag-within-a-bag idea because it’s a bit more flexible — if I don’t need one piece, I can leave it at home. If I need both, I can carry both. I’ll have to see what works.


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