Snow and server maintenance

Thanks to the snow that’s slowing down traffic, Robynne is running behind and I’m entertaining myself with server maintenance.

There have only been eight or nine thousand invalid login attempts in the past couple of weeks. This is a big drop from what it was — over 110’000 in only three weeks! I only black-holed a couple of IPs for that today.

The new annoyance is people/programs that set their HTTP UserAgent header to random strings. Combine that with the tendency of these specific people/programs to access only data that has 404’d for a long while and you’ll find one more IP and a class C black-holed. I can understand changing one’s UserAgent to something different from what it actually is for privacy reasons, but cluttering my web stats output is just rude. Pick one and stick to it. I recommend “NotTelling/1.0”.


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