Editing Java

Today I took a quick look at editors with good Java support. The list I know of isn’t very long, so it wasn’t too hard to figure out.

My first thought was Netbeans. I remembered Tim Bray mentioning the new version and the screenshots looked good. I was able to get it installed and configured, but it wouldn’t create a project. I eventually had to force-quit it.

Next up was JEdit, which had nothing wrong with it besides making my preferred fonts display badly. Unfortunately that’s not something I can live with, especially when I’m working with a language I’m horrible at.

I also gave Eclipse a shot. It’s a huge program written in Java itself, and it shows. It’s also likely overkill for what I want from an editor.

Textmate was a no-go from the start. I’m sure it’s a great editor, but it’s not my cup of tea. I know there’s value in simplification, but there are some things I need a bit more control over.

In the end I’ll probably end up using Komodo, Smultron, or vim.


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