Taking a break from the pump

I’m taking a break from the insulin pump for a while. The places where I can safely and comfortably put infusion sites are played out, and my body needs a break. I’ll be going back to using insulin pens for a while.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too hard to get the pharmacy to give me the insulins I needed. I’m using insulin glargine as a basal, and sticking with Humalog for bolus. I was tempted to try another rapid insulin, but I thought it best to stick with the devil I know for now. A couple of new pens, some pen tip needles, and I was set to go.

The first day’s numbers have been a little high, but they are roughly in line with what I have been able to achieve with the pump over the last couple of months. They can only get better from here, as I am able to hit far more injection sites with the pens, and it gives me a much wider site rotation.

I’ll probably use the pens for a month or two and then go back to the pump when my primary infusion set sites (within about six or so inches of the bellybutton) are healthy again. In the meantime it’s a nice change of pace, though I did find myself up a couple of times last night wondering where my pump was.


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