A million monkeys…

They say that a million monkeys on a million typewriters would one day reproduce the works of Shakespeare. There seem to be a million script kiddies on a million crappy PCs trying dictionary-based ssh login attacks on my VPS these days, and they won’t accomplish anything at all.

Since I reinstalled my VPS earlier this month I’ve chalked up over 110’000 failed login attempts. Some of them are understandable — attempts at root, mostly. Some of them are stupid — since when did the postgres user get a password? The rest are beyond moronic. What are the chances that a completely random server has a user named “avayo”? Do these people really think “frank” is a common name any more? I don’t personally know anyone named Frank who is under 60 years of age, and he certainly wouldn’t be on-line pretending to be a sysadmin in his mid-30s.

Days like this I wish I had a cattle prod that worked over the ‘net.


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