Back to TLS-land and dental drama

I just got around to revoking my old server certificate and getting set up with a new one. If you do it will do the right thing. You can download the CA root certificate from, as usual.

Robynne has an infected tooth, so her dentist prescribed her some antibiotics and some Tylenol 3 for the pain. We took the prescription to Save-On-Foods at Park and Tilford and were given an unpleasant run-around by the pharmacist there. Robynne eventually took the prescription back and we went to her regular place where they actually know her well, and it was filled in five minutes with no hassle.

It’s unfortunate on many levels, because this isn’t the first screw-up by Save-On-Foods — it is, however, the last one I’m willing to put up with. I have had nothing but pain and bother in my dealings with their pharmacy. They take far too long to bring in my supplies for my insulin pump, they don’t interface well to my insurance company (and it’s not like Manulife or ESI Canada are difficult to find or get ahold of and work with to make sure they get things right), and their prices aren’t exactly competitive.

For now, Robynne will stick with her place and I’ll stick with mine. They both know us well, we have good rapport with the staff, and above all they have the knowledge to handle the complexities of their clients’ cases and the desire to work with their clients, rather than against them.

(As an aside to the SOF pharmacist in question, numbered Tylenols have 300mg of acetaminophen per tablet, not 500mg. Trying to say that taking 12 tablets containing acetaminophen per day is dangerous is ridiculous — try stating a limit in mg instead, like a professional, who would know that there are two or more common strengths of tablets. If one were to take 12 tablets of extra-strength Tylenol per day they would be taking one and a half times the recommended dose. And one more point — as a pharmacist, you are the dispenser, not the prescriber. There’s a good reason that the prescribers don’t dispense and there are fabulous reasons why the dispensers shouldn’t prescribe. Thank you for your cooperation in demonstrating this so successfully. You can’t replace years of education with a big, blue book.)


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