Macheist loot

TrentM put the word out around the office that Macheist was giving a deal on multiple-bundle purchases. DavidA and I were only too happy to jump on board.

I didn’t do Macheist last year. To be honest, I can’t even remember which programs were offered. This year’s offerings are great, though. There are some that I probably won’t use much, if at all (iStopMotion, Awaken, and WingNuts 2 come to mind).

There are some that I’m really looking forward to, though. Snapz Pro X (which I’ve used at work) is great piece of software, and worth $20 more than the bundle price on its own. Pixelmator looks like it’ll be a hoot to play with, and CSSEdit looks like a good way tweak CSS if I’m not currently in Komodo IDE. 1Password is probably going to be my favourite, as I have become quite addicted to Keychain and know that not everyone wants to support features only present on OS X.

The “looks interesting” list includes TaskPaper (appears to be a graphical front-end to text-based to-do lists), AppZapper (appears to be a graphical front-end to files), and Cha-Ching (appears to be a budget planner/bank account balancer).

Head on over and give it a gander. 25% of proceeds go to one (or all) of ten different charities, which is a nice touch.


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