Hiveminder to Trac

Today there seemed to be a lot of buzz about launching, so I went and checked it out. It looked good enough to plunk down the $25 to go pro, but there was a problem or three that caused me to delete my account, in hopes I could re-create it and get around the problem. This was not to be, however. I sent some feedback about the problem, so hopefully they’ll get it ironed out before too many other people run into it.

The inconvenience instead pushed me to install a private Trac instance on my VPS. I’ve done a few Trac installations before, so it wasn’t a big deal. It’s locked right down, with no permissions granted to the anonymous user. I only want the ticket tracking and SVN browsing abilities. I’ve got no use for a wiki now.

I’ve got a ‘kjw’ component set up as a sort of personal to-do list. I’m actually learning something about creating reports in Trac, so this is likely to be useful.


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