Small tuit shipment

Today I had a small shipment of round tuits and actually got day-to-day navigation done, so the “Previous day” and “Next day” links above actually do the right thing. I also got a little bit of refactoring done in the Perl script that generates the blog HTML. Mostly File::Spec’ing some paths, removing some join()s, and other minor stuff for now.

Next up are monthly and yearly indexes, then creating and updating the symlink to index.html so it points to the right place. I’m also going to refactor some common functionality out of the blog generator script and stick it in a library. There’s certainly lots to do before I’d be willing to let anyone else see the code.

After the blog end of things is complete I’m looking at doing the birds section. That should be a lot of fun. I’ve got a lot of planning before I figure out the raw format, though.


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