Fine feathered flappy friends

Today was a special day. It was a weekend and the weather didn’t outrageously suck. Today was a day to take part in our usual summer pursuit — taking pictures of birds and going to White Spot afterwards.

There were some great birds down at the lagoon. The usual smattering of mallards, Canada geese, and scaups were in evidence. There were also a metric heap of common goldeneyes and even a male common merganser who was kind enough to pose for a few pictures.

We certainly weren’t the only people taking advantage of the non-sucky weather. There were some other photographers down there, including a couple that resembled Revs and Audy from Flickr. There were also the crazy swan lady and crazy swan man, who we kept a wide berth from. There were the usual legions of people feeding bread to the birds, but thankfully the idiots with the carmel popcorn and Doritos were absent.

After the lagoon and the restaurant we headed to London Drugs where I picked up a Bluetooth mouse to go with my keyboard. It’s approximately a zillion times better than my USB-based wireless mouse, and all told I’m totally won over — Robynne will inherit the USB-based wireless stuff if she wants it.


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