A mile is long when home is so far away

My brain wants to fall out of my head and it’s only around 17h00 EST. As a result, here’s my day so far in point form:

  • wake up when Chris knocks on the door
  • wander about downstairs for a bit
  • eat a yummy breakfast of gluten-free pancakes and bacon
  • watch Devin, the California boy, build more of the ice rink for Jacob in his shorts and t-shirt
  • take part in a family-wide discussion/friendly debate
  • hugs and kisses goodbye
  • get to the airport with Chris and Stephanie
  • time to go through security, bid Chris and Steph goodbye
  • head through security

This is where the day I planned for ends and the day I got begins.

  • plane can’t land due to fog, is diverted to Ottawa
  • plane returns from Ottawa, lands on the second-to-last attempt for that day
  • find out that sometime in the three hours between the diversion and return they put the Vancouver passengers on a bus to Toronto
  • hear “blah blah (something that rhymes with my name) blah blah message blah blah front counter blah” over the intercom (I can’t hear anything in that airport)
  • go to front counter, get handed a new boarding pass and transportation voucher for terminal 3, YYZ
  • go out front, show voucher to cab drivers and ask if they take the voucher

As of this moment I’m in a black Lincoln Town Car and on the road to Toronto. Certainly not the day I had planned, but the limo is a nice touch. I appreciate WestJet going out of their way to help make things work.


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