Christmas day

Much family fun and food today, as one would expect. Breakfast was yummy scrambled eggs with veggies in them and bacon with croissants and some gluten-free bread that Colleen made. I took care of the turkey, dressing, potatoes, and gravy for dinner. Both meals went over well, and I was relieved, as I always am when people like the food I make.

I got a few moments this evening to post some photos of the trip, in advance of heading home early tomorrow afternoon. I will miss everyone here, but I look forward to getting home.

I also got a few moments to browse around Flickr for the first time in an aeon and came across the photo stream of lisascenic, who has some great bird shots, plus some up-close shots of birds that are normally hard to get close to. Do yourself a favour and don’t just look at the first page or two. Make it ten, at least — even if you have to look quickly. There are lots of great shots there, including a great shot of a grebe’s feet. (Spoiler: they owe more to coot feet than duck feet, but aren’t quite like either.)


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