Leaving on a jet plane

Tonight I racked up a few infrequent flyer miles on the red-eye to London, Ontario. It was the screaming baby express for both legs of the journey, which did nothing for my headache. I made it in one piece, though.

I had grabbed Perl 5.10 from the torrent posted to use Perl; and rsynced the entirety of CPAN from one of the machines at work, so I managed to get a lot done. I got a few hundred modules installed. Some I intend to use, many I want to read up on, and a few just to see if they would still work. Very few surprises there.

Robynne sent me with a wonderful care package, a highlight of which is Gus the Goose, who is sitting beside me as I get ready to sleep. She’s the sweetest.

First some sleep, then the visiting begins!


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