Sunshine on the inside

I took Lo to a Vancouver Giants hockey game tonight. Joe at the Boys and Girls Club gave him two tickets, and it seemed like a great father-son activity. I decided to take my camera and see what I could get.

After we got inside and sat down I started taking test shots. My concern was white balance. Exactly what kind of lighting does an arena use? What’s the colour temperature? I knew that the pro photographers sitting between the team boxes could fire strobes on the ceiling, so the default flash setting seemed like a good first approximation. After all, the strobes are only powerful enough to augment the existing light, not replace it. That setting wasn’t quite right, but it was very close.

Sunlight. I gave that a try, and to my amazement it was exactly the right setting. It makes all the sense in the world, but it sometimes catches me off-guard when things work out that way.

I guess you can say it made for sunshine on the inside twice over.


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