Opera sounds good

Inspired by my recent experience with IE Mobile I started having a look about for alternatives. I did a search for Opera, remembering a long-ago conversation with a colleague who mentioned it worked well on small devices.

I found Opera Mini, which doesn’t play well with my Java-free smartphone. Disappointed, I searched about for comments on opera on the Q to see what people were using instead. People were reporting success with Opera on the Q, and I followed aother link to Opera’s site and found the Opera Mobile browsers. I grabbed the smartphone version 8.65 and I’m putting it through its paces.

So far I appreciate Opera’s superior use of screen real-estate, better page-rendering performance, and nicer editing controls. The drop-down list of my tagging plug-in on the wiki is visible and useful, so that just may earn them my USD24. I’ve learned to use the full evaluation period with Windows Mobile software, though, so time will tell. At least I can tag from my mobile now.


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